How Physical Health Effects Mental Health ?

How Physical Health Effects Mental Health ?

Mind and body, or physical and mental health, are dependant on each other. Physical health cannot be segregated from mental health, and be treated as a different branch.

A person who is physically unfit faces problems at an emotional level and also mental level.When you are sick, you feel weak and face a severe lack of energy. You also tend to get depressed when you are sick. For example, when you walk into a hospital, you will find the atmosphere rather grim and not cheerful. One of the biggest reasons for this is because most patients who are suffering physically are not happy and stressed out. This is a natural reaction caused in the brain.

Physical ill health causes several problems on an emotional level like stress, depression, low confidence and a feeling of worthlessness. Also it is often found that people who suffer from a slow mental growth also suffer from various physical ailments like disfigured features on the face or bad posture or lack of energy. One of the biggest side effects of physical health over mental health is stress. It is common to have headaches when a person is stressed out. They also suffer form lack of energy, and giddiness. There is a general sense of fatigue that affects everyone who is stressed out. Also, stress causes more serious ailments like depression, or sometimes even diabetes or hormonal imbalance. Stress may be a factor or a cause in such cases.

To maintain a balance in physical and mental health, one should lead a balanced lifestyle with good diet and exercise.

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How Physical Health Effects Mental Health