What Is Mental Health ?

What Is Mental Health ?

The conditions of a person’s mental make up and well-being is what personifies the mental health.

A person suffering from mental illness is not only unworthy of shouldering the routine responsibilities towards oneself, one’s family and the community as whole but is also unable to cope with stressful or tensed circumstances in life.

Another very vital aspect of mental health lies in comprehending the fact that it is not pertinent that a person without any traces of mental illness is of complete sound mental health. Even amongst individuals devoid of clinically diagnosed mental illness, there are several gradations of mental health. Some people are known to possess a much stronger mental framework than others. Such people are mentally better equipped to conquer difficult situations in life.

The American Psychiatric Association, established in 1917, is the organization dealing with mental issues in the United States. Positive psychology is the branch of science that looks into the various parameters of mental health. The potential to live life to the fullest is one such aspect that provides an insight to one’s mental health. Most people kill their present by dwelling over the shortcoming of the past and worrying about the future. One needs to rejoice every minute passing by. The second feature is resilience. In psychological terminology, resilience is defined as a person’s capability to fight the misfortunes and move ahead in life. A person with good mental health transforms untoward circumstances in life as learning experiences and re-bounces to normal living with a greater conviction.

A healthy mind calls for a balanced life enveloping many domains. It is important to maintain balance between professional and personal life; number hours of sleep and wakefulness, time spent in resting and exercising, time spent inside and outside the house and time allotted to work and play. Also, lost in the enjoyment of excessive socializing, many forget to be in touch with their inner selves. Such an attitude may prove harmful for mental health with the passage of time.

One of the biggest causes of stress in the world is when we refuse to view things from the point of view of others and are extremely obstinate with respect to our opinions, judgments and expectations. Mental flexibility is the key to sound mental heath. A person who is flexible in one’s outlook towards life is always at peace mentally. Another significant characteristic paving the way of mental health is to recognize the positives in one’s life and be grateful for them. This feature leads to the development of a sense of security, thereby furnishing the path of positive self-esteem. To be able to interact and develop healthy relationships with others and to understand and cope with the reality of life and death are also important characteristics of mental health.

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What Is Mental Health