Treatment Antisocial Personality Disorder

Treatment Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial personality disorder is a chronic mental ailment in which the individual faces difficulties in adhering to the basic norms of the society and disregards the need for certain type of behavior expected from him. Individuals suffering from APD lack responsibility of their actions and resort to aggressive, impulsive and violent behavior.

There is no specific medication to treat APD. However, therapies and medications can help the individual overcome the symptoms of APD. Counseling sessions are prescribed for both the individual and the family and it is important to work cohesively and attend the sessions regularly during the treatment.

The following are some of the therapies to treat APD:

Psychotherapy: This exposes the individual to abnormalities in his behavior and the consequences. This treatment thereby tries to make the individual understand and control his behavior. However, not many people are benefited by this therapy.

Cognitive therapy: This is useful for patients who are highly stressed or mentally depressed. In this kind of therapy, the individual is made to understand how he creates problems for himself and how his abnormal perceptions disrupts his social life and well-being and creates a negative impression of him in the society.

Many of these therapies do not prove very effective for treating ASP as the individuals have very strong opinions and refuse to trust the experts. In addition, the tolerance level of the individual is quite low and hence, the professionals may find it difficult to bring about a whole transformation in the attitude of the individuals.

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Treatment Antisocial Personality Disorder