Asperger Characteristic

Asperger Characteristic

Asperger’s syndrome is related to the behavioral aspects of the individual especially during social interactions. Statistics reveal that 1 out of every 300 children suffer from this disorder.

Patients suffering from this syndrome display peculiar interaction mannerisms. However, it does not mean that every individual who does not show normal participation in social occasions suffer from this syndrome.

Individuals suffering from this syndrome do not confirm to certain social norms such as pleasantry exchanges, eye-contact, facial expressions or even proper body language. They prefer isolating themselves into a world of their own. They use language as a means of formal interaction but find it difficult to express their feelings through it. In addition, they may have exceptional linguistic skills for their age during birth but the development of this syndrome could retard further development in this aspect.

The individuals may feel insecure with certain social barriers. They are also hyper-sensitive to extreme heat, cold or even noisy situations. They abide by their interests and are capable of talking for hours together on a certain topic without really noticing or paying heed to the other’s point of view.

They tend to end their conversations abruptly when intervened. They face difficulties in getting a clear view of dimensions. Therefore, they exhibit clumsy driving habits. This could also pose a serious problem in understanding certain aspects related to the fine manipulation of the vehicles.

Since these signs are not very striking, diagnosis of Asperger’s is not an easy task for both the patient as well as the medical counselor.

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Asperger Characteristic