What Is Aspergers Syndrome ?

What Is Aspergers Syndrome ?

Asperger’s syndrome is associated to the behavioral aspect of the individual. It is also referred to as mild or high functioning autism. The name of this syndrome comes from the man who initially identified it -- Hans Asperger’s.

A child suffering from this disorder exhibits difficulties in picking up non-verbal cues of the society and fails to respond aptly to a situation unlike other normal children. Their helplessness is exploited and generally, these kids are subjected to bullying and could engage themselves into unnecessary spates.

They fail to realize that they might be boring to the individual by emphasizing their point of view over and over again. Sometimes, they require their close friends or family members to guide them to be more presentable during social gathering.

These individuals easily become an emotional soft target and lack the ability to handle confrontations. They take whatever they hear in the literal sense and cannot take it in the spirit of humor. Hence, they get into unnecessary arguments and fights. However, a helping hand from their well-wishers could bring a huge transformation in their behavior.

It is found that boys are more affected by this syndrome than girls. Asperger’s is quite tough to diagnose and is often mistaken as attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Cognitive behavioral therapy is administered to victims of Asperger’s to regulate and change their mannerisms. For example, they are trained to make eye contact with the people while they talk. They are also taught to use different gestures and change the tone of their voice in a natural way while they speak.

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What Is Aspergers Syndrome