What Is The Difference Between Autism And Aspergers ?

What Is The Difference Between Autism And Aspergers ?

Asperger’s and autism are closely related. In fact, Asperger’s is generally referred to as mild autism or even highly functional autism depending upon the extent to which a patient is affected. Both the disorders fall into the broader category of pervasive personality disorders and arise due to the abnormal functioning of certain regions of the human brain.

Autistic people are considered different by the society due to their weird mannerisms and way of conducting themselves. These individuals throw tantrums and do not really make any eye contact while talking to the other person. Generally, autistic people communicate non-verbally. However, if they start speaking, they do not know when to stop and neither are they aware whether the listener is interested in striking a conversation with them. They tend to keep repeating the sentences.

People suffering from Asperger’s cannot express their feelings and are highly resistant to changes. Hence, they find it difficult to adapt to the changing trends and feel mentally pressurized and try all they can to avoid conflicts. They cannot handle confrontations or appreciate humor. Individuals suffering from Asperger’s can exhibit cognitive behavior. Autistic people try and withdraw from development and are often curious about their surroundings.

People suffering from these mental disorders have a retarded intellect and are self-engrossed. They do not speak and mingle with others normally and hence they are considered ‘different” by the society.

What really distinguish Asperger’s from autistic individuals are their behavior traits and linguistic skills. Social interactions must be deliberately taught to these individuals. While Asperger’s victims are more aware of their social space, Autistic people comparatively lack in this aspect.

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What Is The Difference Between Autism And Aspergers