What Age Is Most Affected By Attention Deficit Disorder ?

What Age Is Most Affected By Attention Deficit Disorder ?

We may not be able to judge properly when a child gets attention deficit disorder. Sometimes all the symptoms that are associated with attention deficit disorder diminish with age. Children are naturally active and inattentive but one needs to give a fine observation to judge its degree and then get a confirmation of the disorder. Children possess the inherent capability to focus on a particular thing. They like to learn, but a child who cannot do it, may be a victim of attention deficit disorder.

There could be many reasons of attention deficit disorder. Experts say it can be an outcome of any injury in the brain while giving birth or after delivery. Sometimes it could be hereditary or there could be some external environmental factors that can trigger attention deficit disorder such as cigarette smoke, diet rich in sugar and synthetic materials etc. A child with this disorder is generally noticeable once he becomes school going. At this juncture parents, teachers can actually identify the problems that are generally associated with this type of deficit for instance poor learning, reduced aptitude, below average performance, inability to complete tasks etc.

The diagnosis includes a fine observation of the child activities in school, peer group and at home. Also, practitioners sometimes may demand for the history of the child’s mental and social conditions. At times, the child’s neurological and physical abnormalities tests are also carried out to ascertain the cause. One must remember not all children who are hyperactive are suffering from attention deficit disorder. There are some medicines and stimulant that do give temporary relief but that cannot be considered as a cure.

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What Age Is Most Affected By Attention Deficit Disorder