Why People Get Bulimia ?

Why People Get Bulimia ?

Most bulimics appear from community in which the emotional, physical, or spiritual needs within the framework of family are missing. This is more of a psychological disorder just like depression or obsessive compulsion disorder. Johnson in 1987 stated that this disorder is somewhat related to heredity and some chemical imbalance in the brain. Therefore, there are some medicines which can reduce the binge and purge cycle.

But the most effective way of curing would be self analysis and help. Change in the lifestyle and the thinking process. The present generation is more obsessed with the thinner look. “If you are fat, you are not smart” is a common saying which the young people often say. No one wants to be out of the crowd so, to be a part of the mass one gets bulimic. The fundamental explanations most people offer for their eating disorder are a composite blend of low self-confidence, childhood disputes, and cultural demands.

Many a times, parents and children exhibit character that guards the relationships and personal growth to an extent in the family. Mothers may support the inspiration to be thin always. A fathers may be consigned to an icon of bread earner only rather than being involved in the emotional life of his children Girls may develop lack of self confidence about their look, capability, and talent of being loved if they are not appreciated for their exceptional assets. Therefore, in the present-day society, strong relationships with parents on the basis of the child’s exceptionality will offer the child the confidence and ability to make correct decisions and confer healthy relationships ahead

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Why People Get Bulimia