What Is Fetishism ?

What Is Fetishism ?

There are several known psychological disorders in the human race. Fetishism is one of the many common forms of such disorders that have the potential to disrupt one’s life to a large extent. The disorder takes its name from the Portuguese word ‘feitico’ signifying obsessive fascination.

To come to think of it, every human being has a minute level of fetishism in his or her behavior. For instance, there are men who get aroused at the mere thought or mention of a woman’s buttocks. However, warning bells generally set off when such forms of arousal cross the threshold of fascination and show streaks of compulsive behavior. Some of the signs indicating towards fetishism include sexual mania towards an animate object or non genital body part, and difficulty in sexual arousal and contentment without the presence of the object of fetish.

The masculine gender is considered to be comparatively more addicted to this compulsive behavior. Some of the common objects involving this psychological disorder are panties, bras, slips, stockings, other personal intimate belongings, footwear and gloves. These articles of fetish can be classified into form fetishes and media fetishes. While the obsessive approach in the former case is linked to the shape of the object such as high heeled shoes, in the latter case the material is of bigger importance like silk. The individual requires smelling or feeling the object in order to achieve fulfillment of sexual desires. Those suffering from this disorder may either require their partners to wear these objects or use them as means of masturbation. Under the domain of animate objects are hair, legs and buttocks. In certain cases of the disorder, a mere picture of the object of fetish is enough for arousal. In due course of time, such behavior leads to psychological distress and interruption of personal and professional life.

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What Is Fetishism