How Long Do Panic Attacks Last ?

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last ?

There are a number of myths and wrong concepts prevalent among people regarding the underlying reasons and effects of panic attacks. Another popular question that many people try to find answer to, as they search information on panic disorders and attacks, is about the average duration for which a panic attack usually lasts. As a matter of fact, there are no absolute answers to this question.

The time for which panic attacks generally last largely depends on a number of different factors, including the willingness of the patient to recover. While some patients manage to come out of it quickly, some others take much longer to manage the symptoms. Thus, a panic attack in an individual can last either for several months or even for just a few minutes.

However, in majority of cases, panic attacks remain for only a few minutes; though these few minutes seem to be like ages for the patient experiencing the attack. Even though the panic attack ends in a few seconds or minutes, it leaves a long-lasting impact on the mind of the patient. It leads to enduring nervousness, state of shock, and persistent feeling of being jaded or scared. These after-effects of a panic disorder or an attack can continue for minutes, hours, days, and even months.

It is essential to note at this point that each individual and his response to an attack are different from the other. So, if you heard from someone that his/her attack lasted for 20 seconds, and from some others that the symptoms of attack remained for 2 months, you should not be surprised if the attack lasts for just 15 minutes in your case. Unlike panic attacks, panic disorders may continue to occur for many months and even years. But, as every situation and cause is different, it is not easy to ascertain as to how long a panic attack will last in an individual.

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How Long Do Panic Attacks Last