What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like ?

What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like ?

Talking of the symptoms of a panic attack, they are very hard to diagnose. A panic or anxiety attack is definitely not a delightful experience to cope with. People who have already experienced an attack or have gone through the sufferings of a panic disorder almost certainly know what a panic attack feels like. The experience of an attack can be very difficult and the patient might feel general anxiety, disrupted breathing, fear, helplessness, and nausea during the attack.

These are just a few physical symptoms that the patients might experience in this condition. In other words, a panic attack feels very much like a mild attack, although it is very different from it clinically.

A large number of people try hard to escape from their difficult memories of panic attacks in the past. They do so as panic disorders and attacks usually leave an enduring impact on the patient’s mind. It disturbs the usual routine of the patient’s life. It may even cause severe depression, alcohol abuse, addictions, shyness, emotional disorders, stress, anxiety, and behavioral disturbances.

In a lot of cases, a panic attack is usually mistaken to be a cardiac disease or any other form of similar illness. Several people who get these attacks are pointlessly admitted in hospitals. Such attacks usually occur without warning, but there are a number of indications, which signal the commencement of a panic attack in the offing.

Thus, during an attack, the victim begins to fear loss of control and gets scared of death. Some physical signs experienced by the patient during this condition include chest pain, heart palpitations, light headedness, trembling, sweating, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. The victim may also experience chills run down the spine, numbness and tingling in limbs, and a general feeling of stress and anguish.

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What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like