What To Do After A Panic Attack ?

What To Do After A Panic Attack ?

Immediately after an episode of panic attack, not many patients expect a second attack to occur. However, this may happen as panic disorders usually follow a recurring pattern of cycles that may repeat periodically. Therefore, it is very necessary to take measures as a precaution after a panic attack to prevent subsequent attacks.

But, before learning about the appropriate actions that should be taken following an attack, it is necessary to understand the reasons underlying the recurring pattern of this condition.

Panic attack is for the most part instigated by unrestrained anxiety, stress, pressure, and tension. Consequently, given that the attack leads to tension and stress, it can also cause another immediate attack or attacks, following one after the other.

In order to avoid this kind of a situation, following are certain measures and activities that you should do after a panic attack:

  • Relax and calm down; any feeling of anxiety and stress must be put off as it may worsen the situation and increase the likelihood of another attack.
  • Move into an area that is open and well-ventilated. This will enable you to breathe in some fresh air and become cool, calm, and collected again.
  • Practice meditation immediately after an attack. It will help you to clear the mind of negative ideas and alleviate the accumulated stress.
  • Ensure you maintain regular breathing even after the experience of the attack. Hyperventilation, a common phenomenon experienced during a panic attack, tends to reduce the oxygen amount delivered to the patient’s brain. A right breathing strategy and short breathing exercises can help you cope with hyperventilation. All you need to do is use your nostrils to deeply inhale fresh air and then gradually exhale through your lip.

If you are unable to follow any of the aforesaid tips, it is advisable to go to sleep after the attack. This will help to manage the stressful symptoms to a large extent.

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What To Do After A Panic Attack