Why Do People Have Panic Attacks ?

Why Do People Have Panic Attacks ?

Thousands of people get influenced by panic disorders and attacks every day. While many of them face the attacks regularly, some others claim to be influenced by such attacks only rarely. There is no absolute answer as to why people experience these attacks. The precise reason underlying this problem in different individuals has not been ascertained till date.

However, the most apparent cause of panic attacks in majority of people is excessive stress and anxiety in life. Another reason is the unhealthy lifestyle that makes it all the more difficult for people to cope with the long lasting symptoms and indications of the attack.

Genetics is also believed to play an integral role in the onset of a panic attack. It is the various genetic factors or genes that determine the patient’s ability to recover from stress and his susceptibility to recurring attacks. The predisposition of a patient to develop a panic attack and pass the disorders to the next generation is also dependant on certain defective genes.

Other reasons that may cause excessive stress or panic disorders and attacks are as follows:

  • Environmental factors
  • High rate of blood pressure
  • Inadequate use of food supplements, such as essential vitamins and minerals, along with the usual diet.
  • Persistent problems of the thyroid.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, there are no particular causes or reasons underlying panic attacks. People have high propensity of experiencing a panic attack because of combined reasons, including social stressors, deficiency of essential nutrients, an individual’s thought process, and biological susceptibility. Irrespective of the causes underlying the occurrence of panic attacks, the symptoms are horrifying and should be treated immediately.

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Why Do People Have Panic Attacks