What Happens To The Body During After Pregnancy ?

What Happens To The Body During After Pregnancy ?

When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes many changes, physically and hormonally, to prepare for the growing fetus and impending birth.

All these changes are considered normal, but many women are ill-prepared for them as they may not have taken them into account.

Here are some of the changes that happen to the body during pregnancy:

Some women suffer from excess salivation and nasal congestion. This usually occurs along with severe bouts of morning sickness. Doctors recommend that women who have these symptoms should try to suck on hard candies to make the saliva feel normal, and this will also make it easy to swallow the saliva. Even brushing teeth or rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash can help with excess salivation. Nasal congestion occurs due to changes in the hormones and can be tackled by drinking lots of fluid, keeping the head at a higher position while sleeping, taking a warm shower or blowing the nose gently to avoid nosebleeds, which are common occurrence during pregnancy.

Another change in the body during pregnancy is skin pigmentation. The skin on the cheeks, upper lip and/or forehead can get darkened. This is known as melasma or pregnancy mask as the darkened skin end up looking like a mask. Usually this discoloration disappears after delivery. After the third month of pregnancy, a vertical dark line appears on the middle of the stomach. This like is called linea nigra, and it occurs because the stomach muscles have stretched and separated to allow more room for the baby to grow. Just like melasma, linea nigra disappears a few weeks after the baby is born. You will notice similar darkening of the skin around the nipples.

Women also end up with swollen feet, and this usually occurs in the third trimester. This is primarily because of excess fluid in the body during pregnancy, and the fluid ends up staying in the feet. Usually the swelling disappears a few weeks after the delivery. Swollen feet can be tackled by elevating the legs, being physically active or wearing a support hose.

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What Happens To The Body During After Pregnancy