Constitutional Law And Privileges And Immunities  

         The Fourteenth Amendment and Article IV dispel information about the Privileges and Immunities. This clause applies to only the citizens of the country, and not to aliens, immigrants and corporations who are not considered citizens of the country.More...



Bill Of Rights Amendments

Bill Of Rights Amendments

The Bill of Rights Amendments refers to the first ten amendments made to the US Constitution. It puts into effect the freedom enjoyed by American citizens. Even the government is not allowed to infringe upon the freedom given by the Bill of Rights.More...


Why Are The Bill Of Rights So Important ?

Why Are The Bill Of Rights So Important

The first ten amendments, or the Bill of Rights, in the US Constitution came to be for a purpose, and that was to ensure the basic civil rights of American citizens. This makes freedom available to all and has addressed civil rights issues throughout history. It also prevents the government from infringing on those rights.More...


What Three Delegates Did Not Sign The Constitution ?

What Three Delegates Did Not Sign The Constitution

It is well known that the Constitution of the United States of America faced its fair share of support and criticism. The supporters of the Constitution came to be known as the Federalists, while the ones who opposed it were known as the Anti-Federalists. Owing to several discrepancies in the document, the ratification of the Constitution was delayed.More...





Constitutional-Law-And-Congressional-Powers-And-Duty      The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It lists the rights and duties that an individual has as a citizen of the country. It also goes beyond the individual, and includes the powers and duties of the Congress governing the country. No other legislature in the world is as powerful on a national level as the US Congress. More..




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