Natural Law And Locke Social Contract  

Natural Law is a theory that purports the existence of a law which is universal and the valid everywhere, as its course is set by nature. Typically, the Natural Law is used synonymously with Natural Justice and Natural Right, though most legal and political theorists separate the two.

John Locke was a British philosopher who was known for his significant contributions to political philosophy, which was later termed as the Locke Social Contract. This contract is a description of how the states maintain social order. The statement of social contract states that the citizens give up some authorities in order to maintain and be at the receiving end of a social order.  

The social contract and civil rights are neither permanent nor temporary. They need to be felt by the ones who are at the receiving end of the process. Ideas of the social contract begin are present from ancient times. The Scriptures tell us to follow some basic rules to live in this world; such as honesty, and non-violence. There have been statutes and declarations, including punishments and disciplinary actions, that need to be taken in certain situations. All of these propel us towards the social contract.

The Renaissance brought about developments that have been later altered by Locke. The theories that Locke put forward retained the basic notions that the people would come together willingly to form a state. He stated that states would agree upon a Neutral Judge to protect the life, liberty and possessions of his people.

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Natural Law And Locke Social Contract




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