Basic Human Rights Example  

Human rights refer to the freedom given to people under the agreement agreed by countries through various treaties, conventions and organizations like the UN. Under these agreements, countries have to allow certain amount of freedom to their citizens and also countries are not allowed to indulge into slavery, torture, execution without due and just trial or resort to arbitrary detention.

If you are looking for a basic human rights example, then the best example would be the right to live without discriminations. Other examples of basic human rights is right to freedom of expression, right to work, right to education, right to drinking water, and right to healthcare. These are some of the basic human rights that people all over the world are entitled to, regardless of their ethnicity, color, language, gender, nationality or religion. In other words, people all over the world can demand their human rights for the simple reason that they are humans and they should be able to exercise these rights without being discriminated. However, many of these rights are inter-related and cannot be separated from each other.

It is a government's duty to ensure that citizens of its country are allowed these rights without any restriction, fear or threat. However, it has been seen that in several countries the basic human rights are not exercised by people as governments and their policies are dictatorial. Also, in some countries, there is a huge divide between people and the poor are unable to demand their basic human rights.

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Basic Human Rights Example




Examples Of Human Rights Violations      Be it civil liberties, right to safety, political rights or right to life, all humans are entitled to these human rights without any discrimination. In order to ensure that human rights are not violated, governments and non-governmental organizations have to make sure that people in a particular jurisdiction are treated in a just and humane manner, regardless of their social status and education. And, when people are not allowed to exercise their basic human rights, then their human rights are being violated. More..




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