Examples Of Human Rights Violations  

Be it civil liberties, right to safety, political rights or right to life, all humans are entitled to these human rights without any discrimination. In order to ensure that human rights are not violated, governments and non-governmental organizations have to make sure that people in a particular jurisdiction are treated in a just and humane manner, regardless of their social status and education. And, when people are not allowed to exercise their basic human rights, then their human rights are being violated.

Human rights violations are known as crimes against humanity. Some examples of human rights violations include genocide, slavery, torture, rape, forced sterilization, deliberate starving or forcing people to part of a medical experiment. It has been seen that most human rights violations are the outcome of government policies as several governments around the world have unrestrained power over their countries.

There are international laws, treaties, conventions and organizations that look after the human rights of people. When the laws, conventions or treaties are violated and not followed, then human rights are violated. Of late, there have been several wars going on in different corners of the world where groups have been fighting for supremacy. In these countries, due to war, human rights of the people have been violated. People have been massacred, they have been deliberately starved or genocides have been committed. The most severe human rights violation is genocide where a population of people has been deliberately killed or exterminated. Genocide has been committed against different ethnic groups, racial groups and/or religious groups.

Human rights violations often occur due to the act of the government. However, even individuals can violate the human rights of others. Nonetheless, human rights violations are prevalent across the globe where we see conflicts. In these conflicts, the innocent people are caused suffering and harm due to no fault of theirs. They are killed, taken as hostages, tortured as prisoners, and raped. These examples of human rights violations are against all international laws, but are quite common in countries where conflicts are going on. However, not all human rights violations occur due to combat or war. There are some violations that occur due to cultural beliefs or traditions, like female genital mutilation. Other times, the violations occur as the perpetrators want to gain financially, like when women are children are sold into sexual slavery. Other times, there are governments that violated human rights of people, especially when they see a person as a threat to their supreme power, like when a political rival is arbitrarily detained and tortured.

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Examples Of Human Rights Violations




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