Human Rights And Infringements  

The rights that all human beings have or are entitled to are known as human rights. That fact all people are humans, they are entitled to certain rights. The movement to ensure that people all over the world get their due entitlement started in the 1970s in Europe. And, soon this movement became social movement and countries decided to ensure that human rights across the world were respected.

While there is no consensus on what amount to human rights, there are some basic social rights that very individual is entitled to. These rights include right to safety, right to survive, right to earn a livelihood, right to health care, and right to potable water among others. Basically, the society along with the government has to ensure that people get their basic human rights. Many of these rights are accepted by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Then, there are personal rights of a person and these rights are controlled by the person himself. Some of the personal rights that a person has freedom of expression, right to think, right to privacy and having control over their own bodies.

When the personal or social rights of the people are restricted, then it is known as human rights infringement. However, usually the term infringement is used when the personal rights of a person are restricted. When social rights are restricted, the restriction is not put just on one individual. Rather the restriction is imposed on the society as a whole. Hence, these are violations of human rights.

There are many countries where human rights infringements are going on, like Burma (Myanmar), North Korea and Eritrea. The international community is trying hard to ensure human rights infringement does not occur, but in majority of cases in countries where infringements are occurring, the governments turn a blind eye to the UN Charter and oppress the people with power and might.

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Human Rights And Infringements




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Human Rights And Infringements )
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