What Are Human Rights ?  

It is believed that humans are entitled to certain rights on account of being human, and it is these rights that are known as human rights. While the concept of human rights was prevalent in the ancient times, the term was coined only in the 1940s.

As people feel strongly about these rights, several steps have been taken at international level to ensure that human rights of people are protected. The UN has a complete division that ensures that these rights are protected across the world. While at an international level, there are no laws to govern human rights, the UN and other non governmental organizations keep a close watch on countries and monitor them to ensure that they allow their citizens basic rights.

The right to drinking water, the right to education, the right to work in a chosen occupation, the right to earn a livelihood, the right to healthcare and the right to live in safety are examples of human rights.

Each country has its own laws and measures to ensure that human rights within its boundaries are respected. Nonetheless, there are countries where people are oppressed and they are denied their basic human rights. Also, in the developed world, human rights are abused and infringed upon. These violations are reported with the hope that rights of the people are not denied or violated. The fact that people can think and communicate with one other, automatically entitles them to certain rights and freedom. Also, human rights ensure that people are treated equally in the eyes of law.

In the ancient times, the rights of women and slaves were not taken into consideration. During those times, the society believed in the ownership of slaves. However, slaves were not considered to be human beings or entitled to rights. Hence, they were the most oppressed section of the society. However, documents were signed and laws passed to ensure that slaves, women and marginalized people got their rights, however limited the right may have been.

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What Are Human Rights




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