Current Health Care Issues  

Health care issues are of utmost importance in today’s scenario. Misuse and abuse of these systems have made people apprehensive and intolerant towards certain policies covered under different schemes.

Numerous schemes are specifically addressed at elderly sections of the society. However, these insurance schemes do not cover prescription drugs making it an extremely expensive affair for the elderly who are not able to pay these exuberant amounts of money.

Excessive usage of emergency rooms is another cause of concern. In this, the resources of the hospital, the services of the personnel and the equipments are overused making it more expensive on insurance payers who are contributing for these covers on a yearly basis.

Insurance covers are not very flexible when it comes to providing medical assistance to the particular individual. In most cases, treatments that require insurance policies are not covered making the individual pay extensively from his pocket even after availing an insurance scheme. Most insurance companies do not cover preventative medicines making it very cumbersome on the individual.

Although there are numerous issues in the present health care system, there is always scope for improvement. Flexibility and involving different sectors of the health is a very important step in dealing with the issue. Creating awareness amongst the public is a huge step in preventing the occurrence of numerous non-communicable and communicable diseases that are prevalent in large sections of the society. Ignorance can be eradicated by giving prompt and appropriate education to all sections to decrease the financial burden financially in health sectors on a national level.

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Current Health Care Issues




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Current Health Care Issues )
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