Health Care Systems In Other Countries  

Health care systems in numerous countries focus specifically on different aspects of the health spectrum. While a few countries have managed to win the confidence and provide excellent health care facilities to all sections of the society, a few other countries like the United States are lacking way behind in terms of people’s confidence and the amount of services provided.

A Commonwealth Fund Report has covered six countries and submitted a final analysis. It clearly states the customer satisfaction level to be extremely high in Germany, followed by New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Canada and the US. The different aspects taken for comparison include the patient’s satisfaction in terms of:

  • Health care effectiveness
  • Patient centeredness
  • Patient safety
  • Efficiency
  • Equity

In Germany, it was observed that a large section of the population (88 percent) was covered by the statutory health insurance. Germany’s health insurance policy includes the employed, unemployed, the sick, disabled, farmers, students, artists and prisoners. Those who can afford to enroll in a comprehensive private insurance are encouraged to do so.

New Zealand, on the other hand, covers health system costs under the general taxation laws. Here, public outpatient and inpatient facilities are free for people of all age groups. Those belonging to low income groups can benefit from subsidies in prescription drugs and primary care.

The UK protects all its citizens under the U.K. National Health Service. Hospitals are owned by public sectors. Almost 11.5 percent of the population has a supplementary private medical insurance scheme as well.

Australia provides universal health care to people irrespective of their economic and financial status. Canada has brought in numerous reforms to the existing health care system to help people as and when the need arises irrespective of their financial status. The US ranks last in the list, showing that a lot more needs to be accomplished by the government to win people’s confidence and support.

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Health Care Systems In Other Countries




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