Health Social Care Legislation  

The Heath and Social Care Bill is one of the most important bills passed in the United Kingdom. This Bill was introduced in 2007 on November 15. It focuses on several aspects of health to different sections of the society.

A combination of health and social care has numerous benefits when compared to passing each Bill separately. The Royal authorities approved the Health and Social Care Act in July 22, 2008. It covers four main aspects under the Act, namely:

  • Heath Care to The Pregnant Women: This specifically deals with nurturing and giving utmost importance to the pregnant women, specifically during the last trimester of pregnancy when there is increased pressure and demands on the mother’s body to support a growing fetus. The policies include taking care of the women’s dietary habits, monitoring her physical health and making sure that she gets the best facilities at an affordable rate.
  • Reformation of Professional Regulation: This is a special effort being taken by the government to increase the people’s confidence levels and acceptance of the clinical governance.
  • Care Quality Commission: This is focused on combining the existing health and social care regulators under one banner giving easy access to people. The focus is on to strengthen the existing services to provide better amenities to the public.
  • Public Health Protection: This is a very important component of the Bill. It aims at preventing the occurrence and spread of a particular disease in the society to prevent a national health disaster.

Apart from the aforementioned aspects, numerous aspects under the Bill are particularly aimed at improving the health status of the society.

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Health Social Care Legislation




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Health Social Care Legislation )
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