How Does Information Technology Affect Health Care ?  

Providing top class health care is one of the most important policies and priorities of any country. With increased population come increased risks of health issues. The larger a population, the more a country has to spend in terms of taking care of the sick, the degree and spectrum of diseases and the immunity levels of the society by and large. When there is a dearth of manpower or resources, it is more of a necessity to club together different branches of a country to see a collective positive effort in developing the nation as a whole. The power of information technology is varied. Its applicability is tremendous, making it extremely easy to use technology and science to solve various problems faced by humanity.

Maintaining a person’s health record electronically rather than storing them in multiple files is one of the many examples that can be cited in combining technology and science. It has becoming increasingly important to develop new equipments that could easily diagnose a disease condition or a disorder instead of going in for intrusive procedures like blood tests or surgery. The development of ECG, CT scan and X-rays are just a few of the most important machines developed with the help of information technology to process data and interpret it via computers.

The biggest advantage of clubbing information technology and medicine is the drastic decrease of human interference. This automatically would mean extremely minute or zero percent human error because machines and technology very rarely go wrong. This could solve the huge labor crisis being faced by numerous countries. Machines can be automated and require very less personnel as opposed to doing the same manually. 

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How Does Information Technology Affect Health Care




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