Who Voted For The Health Care Bill ?  

The health care bill, officially referred to as the Health Care Bill HR 3590, has been finally passed by the US Congress. However, this bill was opposed by several senators, representatives and also lay people. When President Obama was campaigning, the health care bill was his main point of focus, considering that so many millions of Americans do not have adequate health insurance. However, there was opposition to the bill from the very beginning.

The health care reform that President Obama was trying to bring about has always got negative press, but the fact remains that if the bill is actually put into practice the way it ought to be, it could prove a boon to millions of people who either do not have health insurance or have inadequate health insurance. So, when the bill was voted, people wanted to know who voted for the health care bill.

There were 219 representatives from the House of Representatives who actually voted for the health care bill, while 212 representatives were not for the bill, and voted against it. The Republicans have been against the bill from the very beginning, so all Republican representatives voted against it when the bill was put to vote. However, it may come as a shock to many that even some Democrat representatives voted against the bill. There were 34 Democrat representatives who went against the party norms and did not vote for the bill.

Nonetheless, with the voting of the bill, now the president can sign it and made it into a law. So, the health care bill could end up extending coverage to millions of Americans who at the moment are not insured. However, the question is how the people will take to the representatives who voted for the bill. Will the representative be able to retain their seat, or will new representatives win in the next election? This is something the media will be following closely.

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Who Voted For The Health Care Bill




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