Can Illegal Immigrants Vote ?  

There are many illegal immigrants in the US and it has been seen that several of them end up voting. However, when it comes to illegal immigrants, a common question posed is whether illegal immigrants can vote. The answer to this is no, they cannot.

In the year 1996, the US Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. This Act makes the voting by illegal immigrants and non US citizens a federal offense. If a non US citizen is caught voting in a federal election, he or she can be deported. Also, any non US citizen who makes a claim that he or she is a citizen of the US is also violating this Act.

Though there is a law that makes illegal immigrants voting a federal offense, it has not stopped some of illegal aliens from casting their ballots in the US. It is estimated that approximately 19 million foreigners living in the US and around 9 million to 11 million illegal immigrants. The number of illegal aliens is substantial enough to swing an election result.

The reason for so many illegal immigrants casting their ballot is actually very simple. In the US, no proof of citizenship has to be produced when a person is registering himself or herself for voting. In some states, the authorities ask for Social Security number and there is no cross referencing done whether the number is correct or not. Since there is no system in place, many illegal immigrants do go and vote although they are legally not allowed to vote.

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Can Illegal Immigrants Vote




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