Definition Of Popular Vote  

The first Tuesday of November is the day every 4 year when Americans go to polling booth to cast their ballots in order to elect their president. However, this kind of election is an indirect type of election because based on the outcome of the people's vote, which is known as the popular vote, the Electoral College then casts its votes. It is based on the electoral votes that the president of the US is elected.

But this does not mean that popular vote does not count. It does. When people cast their vote, they are informing the electors of their state about their choice of president. And, the electors then, in turn, votes for that particular presidential candidate. So, in other words, when a person in the US votes for a Democrat presidential candidate, he or she in reality is voting for the elector who has promised to give his or her vote to the Democrat presidential candidate. And, when the popular votes are counted, invariably the winner gets all the electoral votes too. However, this is not true for all the states in the US as each state has its own laws and rules about electoral and popular votes.

It is not necessary that the elector votes as per the popular vote. At times, an elector may also vote for another candidate. However, this happens very rarely and usually does not have an influence on the outcome of the presidential elections.

It is quite possible for a presidential candidate to win popular vote but still lose the electoral votes. This is a rare incident and was seen in the 2000 presidential elections. The Democrat candidate Al Gore won the popular vote, but it was George W Bush, a Republican candidate, who won the electoral vote.

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Definition Of Popular Vote




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