House Of Representatives Vote On Health Care Bill  

In December 2010, the vote on the momentous health care bill was undertaken in the House of Representatives. This was one of the pre-election promises made President Barack Obama. According to President Obama, the health care bill would extend health coverage to thirty-two million Americans and also help in containing the rising health care costs.

The House of Representatives vote on health care bill shows that 219 representatives voted for the bill and 212 voted against it. All the Republican representatives voted against the bill. However, the bill received sufficient votes for it to be signed into a legislation. This was a historic occasion for the Democrats who have been trying for a long time to bring about change in the health care system followed in the US.

However, the scent of victory did not last very long as a couple of months later, in the year 2011, the House of Representatives voted once again on the health care bill. This time it was the Republicans who came out victorious. The House voted to revoke the overhauling of the health care system. The House voted 245 votes for revoking and 189 against the revocation. The result of the House of Representative is not surprising considering that the House is controlled by the Republicans and the voting was along the party lines.

While the Senate is controlled by the Democrats, it looks as though the piece of legislation will not be brought into the Senate any time in the near future. After the House of Representative vote on the health care bill, the president said that he would work with the Republicans to find ways to better the existing health care system in the country, but wanted the improvements to be within the limitations of the Affordable Care Act.

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House Of Representatives Vote On Health Care Bill




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House Of Representatives Vote On Health Care Bill )
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