How Do I Register To Vote ?  

In the US, it is not possible for a person to cast his or her ballot till they register to vote. If you are wondering how do you register to vote, then read. You will realize that majority have states have made the registration process quite easy for people as they want eligible US citizens to actively be a part of the democratic electoral process. While the process of registering in the various states is the same, there could be slight differences. Nonetheless, the following will give you the details on how to register for voting in the US.

There are certain criteria that people must fulfill in order to be eligible to register for vote. First, the person should be a citizen of the US. Secondly, the person should be a minimum of eighteen years when the election takes place. Thirdly, the person should register to vote fifteen days prior to the date of the election. The last criterion varies from state to state, as some states require voters to register ten before the election, while others may require the registration process to be completed thirty days before the election. Also, if you have a felony record, check out the law in your state. Some of the states do not allow convicted felons to vote.

Once you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, you can go ahead and register to vote. This can be done by filling up a voter registration form. You can get this form from the post office, public library or even the Department of Motor Vehicles. The form should be filled out correctly stating your address and also the party you are affiliated to. In addition, you will have to attach a proof of identity with the form. Make sure that you sign the form in the space allotted before dispatching it by US Postal Service.

Once you mail the form and all the information provided therein is correct, you will get the voter registration card in about 2 to 4 weeks. In case, the card does not arrive after this time, you should get in touch with the County Clerk.

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How Do I Register To Vote




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