Reasons For Young People Do Not Vote  

It has been seen that many young people do not vote. This is quite a change from forceful opinions the youth showed during the Vietnam War when they were actively involved all over the country protesting the war. However, after the end of the War, there seems to be some amount of lack of concern and interest among the youth.

There are many reasons for young people not to vote. Some of them are listed below:

Based on surveys, it has been concluded that the youth who do not vote are aged between 18 years and 24 years. One of the main reasons for youth not to vote is that they do not have too much information and knowledge about politics and government affairs, and as a result they are intimidated by politics. It is quite possible that the education system in the US is to be blamed, but then information can be imparted by non-governmental organizations and outreach programs.

In addition, youth also feel that their ballot does not make a difference and by casting their vote, their lot will not change. Hence, voting is not a priority to them. The youth think that since they do not live in a so-called swing state, their vote will not make a difference. However, what they do not realize is that there are millions of youngsters across the country who have the same opinion and therefore, they do not vote. If these youngsters voted, it would definitely make a difference to the outcome of the election results.

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Reasons For Young People Do Not Vote




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