Reasons Why People Should Vote  

Many people are not happy with the government, but they still will not go out and vote. Rather than complaining about the government and crying about how things are going from bad to worse in the country, you should go out and vote. Voting is a right and privilege that many people do not exercise. If you want a government that works well, then you should go out and vote, so that you elect such a government.

Here are reasons why people vote and why voting is important:

Due to a democratic election process, the governor of a state, county commissioners, legislators, senators, state officials and the president of the country are elected. These are people who are responsible for making policies that have a profound effect on lives, taxes, jobs and country. Hence, it is our duty to have a say in the type of officials we elect to an office and this can only happen when you go out and vote.

When a person votes, his or her opinion counts. Even a single vote can make a difference to the outcome of an election. When people refrain from casting their ballot, they should not complain about the things that go wrong. After all, they have not worked to elect the officials and hence, they do not have the right to complain. Be it schools, highways, national security, taxes or jobs; all these are decided by policies that are framed by the government. These issues are important and affect our lives deeply. Without a voting process in place, a country is not democratic. Voting allows a person to have his or her say on shaping of the country's future. Hence, it is mandatory that every person who is eligible to vote should go out vote when the elections come.

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Reasons Why People Should Vote




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