Todays Senate Vote On Unemployment Extension  

With the recent recession, the US is facing a job crunch with many people losing their jobs. This has financially put a lot of strain on the people. So, the government is trying to ease the burden of the people by ensuring that they get unemployment benefits. However, these benefits can only be given for a fixed number of weeks after which no more financial help is forthcoming from the government. Taking into consideration that people will need some time to get back on their feet after losing their jobs and the prevailing situation in the job market, there was a legislation put for vote on extending the unemployment benefits.

However, unemployment extension was a topic that was debated hotly by the Democrats and the Republicans. Nonetheless, a consensus was reached and in 2010 December, the Senate vote on the extension was taken. While the legislated was criticized by senators from both parties, it was passed in the Senate with 81 senators voting in favor of the legislation and 19 voting against it.

The Senate vote on unemployment extension now has extended the giving of the benefits for another thirteen months. In addition, the tax cuts that were implemented during the administration of George W Bush have also been extended by another 2 years.

With the Senate voting in favor of the legislation, it was sent to the House of Representatives for approval. It is in the House of Representatives where the legislation will meet tough opposition from the liberals who are dissatisfied with the tax cuts given by the Bush administration. They feel that the tax cuts favor the wealthy and thus, should not be part of the unemployment extension bill. On the other hand, the conservatives in the House of Representatives feel that federal programs such as these should be offset with other programs like the one involving tax cuts. While, there might be opposition to the legislation in the House of Representatives, it is expected to pass just like it did in the Senate.

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Todays Senate Vote On Unemployment Extension




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Todays Senate Vote On Unemployment Extension )
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