What Amendment Gave Women The Right To Vote ?  

Women were initially not allowed to vote, or have a say in choosing their government as it was thought that they were not really qualified to participate in elections and exercise their choice. However, as times changed, women activists determined to bring about a change to this view and succeeded after lot of struggle.

In the year 1848, the first serious proposal of allowing women to vote was put forth at the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention that was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Charlotte Woodward, a dynamic woman, who was just 19 years old then, was the only woman participant in this convention.

Initiatives for fighting against woman suffrage issues and also proposing amendments happened during the early years of the 10th century. Alice Paul stood up for this initiative and was ably supported by lot of women participants. They used radical tactics to work towards this goal. The group attempted to picket the White House and also organized demonstrations and marches. They were imprisoned for their acts but it further kindled many more women to become part of the struggle.

Alice, in the year 1913, led one of the huge marches consisting of 8000 women participants who walked to President Woodrow Wilson during his inaugural ceremony while they were watched by thousands of spectators. Violence broke out and about 200 participants were injured. Four years later, Alice walked around the white house during the second inaugural function of the President.

When the final decision was made in the year 1920 and women were allowed to exercise their vote, Charlotte was in her 90s but too weak due to age to cast her vote.

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What Amendment Gave Women The Right To Vote




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