Who Can Cast An Electoral Vote ?  

The election procedure followed in the US is called an indirect election. The Presidential election is held only in those years that fall in the multiples of 4 and it takes place on the Tuesday that falls after the 1st Monday in the month of November.

The voting ballots list the candidates who are standing for the post of the President that year. However, voters only choose electors who would in turn cast votes officially and choose the President. Now, the electors of each of the states meet in their respective capital on a Monday that falls after the second Wednesday in the month of December and cast their votes for electing both the Vice President and the President.

When the voting process is complete in all states, the records of these votes are forwarded to the President of the Senate. On January 6, following the elections, the votes are tallied in the presence of both the houses.

The person who has secured the most number of electoral votes is chosen as the President if he wins by a complete majority and is sworn in as the new President on January 20. If January 20th falls on a Sunday, the swearing in ceremony is conducted the following day. The same process is carried out for the post of the Vice President. The President and Vice President of the US are sworn in the same day.

If no candidate wins by absolute majority for the post of the President, the top 3 candidates are taken in to account and the House of Representatives then vote again to choose the next President. In the case of Vice President, one of the top 2 candidates is elected by the members of the Senate.

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Who Can Cast An Electoral Vote




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