Why People Dont Vote ?  

Though voting is one of the most powerful rights given to the citizens of a country, many voters who are actually eligible tend to refrain from this responsibility. The reasons are quite varied.

Some voters think that the process is entirely meaningless and resent the system as such. Certain others develop a mindset or a viewpoint that politics is not a domain for them and they do not find it worthy enough to deal with the system and its bear realities. Many others are influenced by the viewpoints of their close circle like spouses, family members or friends who keep putting the thought that voting is not as important as it sounds or casting an vote is not going to make a big difference to them or their society.

Some citizens are pretty confused whom to support and hence, they do not find it motivating enough to participate in the elections. Others resent the promises made by the parties and are frustrated when it does not create any positive impact as far as they are concerned. Many people simply do not realize the value of their vote and think being neutral is a better way than participation in the elections.

Certain people believe that since the electors finally vote for the president, the system is fixed in some way or other, and hence, the vote of the citizens is not actually powerful or does not make a vital difference. Surprisingly, some of the voters are even threatened for their lives or the safety of their family and are subject o mistreatment. They consider voting as a hazard than a privilege.

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Why People Dont Vote




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