Why Should Americans Vote ?  

Though Americans are given the privilege to participate in fair elections, many of them do not take part either in the national or the state elections held periodically. Surprisingly, it is found that just 50% of the citizens show the inclination to vote. Others do not find it motivating to go to the booth and exercise their vote for the presidential or the state election.

Before ignoring the next election, you need to have a brief background of how the voting system came into existence.

The power of voting was not allowed for everyone and has come after long years of struggle. Initially, many citizens were even subjected to slavery and were not allowed to vote until the Civil War ended. More so, women did not enjoy the right to vote until activists rebelled during the early years of the 20th century.

Here are salient points you need to note about elections in the US.

  • Citizens need to register in order to participate in the elections and exercise their vote.
  • A deadline is announced before which the individual needs to register.
  • A voter registration card is issued that gives the details of the individual and the polling booth venue.
  • The citizen needs to go to the mentioned venue to cast their respective vote.
  • While some states use computer ballot, others use the punch ticket method.
  • If you would be traveling on the Election Day, you can check with the US Election Assistance Commission about casting your absentee ballot.

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Why Should Americans Vote




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