Independence Of Judiciary System  

The independence of the judiciary system is important in fair judgments. Ideally, there should be no interference from the legislative and executive branches of power. One unique and ingenious way of preserving judicial independence is by choosing the judge through an impartial selection.

Judges for the Supreme Court are appointed by the President. After which, however, they must be given long tenure so that they will not be swayed when making judgments which might not be favorable to the ruling political party or even to powerful entities. The other two branches cannot impose their will entirely on the judicial system. For example, though the President has power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, he still consults the American Bar Association. 

State courts maintain judicial independence in many ways. Sometimes, the judges are elected, and in some places the state legislature or governor appoints the judges. To increase the tenure of the judge, some states make use of a judicial committee to vote for the continuance of the judge’s term. This is a hybrid system, and works well to maintain judicial independence. The voting is different from the normal method of voting. The members of the voting committee do not get to choose judges. They are merely asked to vote whether or not the judge can continue in his office.

There are many campaigns going on in the country to make the judicial system as independent as possible. One way of doing this, they argue, is to make the judge accountable for bad or lack of good judgments.

One ongoing controversy is whether the “checks and balances” of the government must apply to the judicial system, or should it be exempt from it to preserve independence.

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Independence Of Judiciary System




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