What Is The Judiciary Branch Of Our Government ?  

Political systems in advanced nations are often based on equality, modern thought, justice for all and equal opportunity beyond any prejudices of color, race or financial status. The very core of political systems is the legislative and the executive. These are the branches of the system that make laws, amend them and enforce them so that the honor of the Constitution is upheld properly.

What happens then, if there is a dispute between these branches or a challenge of authority? The branch of government that deals with such issues is the judiciary. The United States has a set of national courts, and all the 50 states have their own courts. This entire system is headed by the Supreme Court. All of this system put together is known as the judiciary.

The role of the judiciary is to interpret the law, whether it is case law or common law.  The necessity to do this arises from the fact that there would exist friction between moving parts of any political system. The judiciary is considered to be an apolitical and impartial system. It is given a high stature, and it is the best authority when it comes to interpreting law and solving disputes on an individual to a national level. It cannot make law or enforce it, but can only apply facts, laws, amendments and by-laws to the cases that would be put in front of it for judicial review.

There have been instances where even presidents have been accused, and the judiciary had to take care of such situations to judge impartially, and to decide who or what is the right thing.

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What Is The Judiciary Branch Of Our Government




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What Is The Judiciary Branch Of Our Government ? )
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