What Is The Purpose Of Income Taxes ?  

         A tax is a charge a citizen pays to support the government, or a governing authority of the country and state. Tax is mandatory for everyone in the country, as opposed to voluntary disbursement or donations in cash and kind.


In fact, failure to pay taxes is illegal and liable to criminal charges or civil punishments.More...


How To Protest Property Taxes ?

How To Protest Property Taxes

Property taxes are local dues. Your local official assesses your property, sets your tax rates and collects your taxes. Your most important right as a taxpayer is your right to protest to the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) if you disagree with any of the appraisal district’s actions as regards your property.More...


How To Increase Deductions To Offset Large Income Tax Refund ?

How To Increase Deductions To Offset Large Income Tax Refund

Tax planning is a year-round practice that can help generate a nice reimbursement, or at least lower liability when tax filing time approaches. This is necessitated owing to the benefits which a taxpayer stands to reap in terms of tax deductions, especially when there is the need to make certain changes in life like getting a job, getting married or adding a number of dependents to one’s status.More...


Is Tax Preparation Information Public Record ?

Is Tax Preparation Information Public Record

One can get tax preparation information online. There are websites that will offer guidelines, checklists and tips. Paying taxes is every citizen’s duty and therefore, the public display of such information.More...


When Can I Expect My Tax Relief Check ?

When Can I Expect My Tax Relief Check

You can expect your tax relief check to be mailed, or emailed to you on time if you paid your taxes on time the previous year. Typically, you should give the IRS a minimum of 8 weeks to process your returns.More...





What-Does-The-Average-American-Pay-In-Income-Taxes      One of the many important duties as a law abiding citizen is paying taxes on time. The amount paid in taxes may vary in accordance to the income generated by the individual in that year. On an average, the tax amount is equivalent to eighteen percent of the yearly income. More..




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