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How Does A Class Action Lawsuit Work ?

How Does A Class Action Lawsuit Work                 A class action law suit is when a group of individuals collectively file a lawsuit against a company. In most class action law suits, all the individuals may have suffered the same kind of grievance due to the company’s neglect. In the case of class action law suit, a judge decides whether to permit the law suit to proceed or not.Also, if it has been decided that a class action law suit will be ordered, then the judge also decides who will be in it and who can be included in the group or class.More...


Knowing Your Options When Your Marriage is Invalid

Knowing Your Options When Your Marriage is Invalid           Annulment refers to the legal act of erasing the marriage so that it no records show that the marriage actually existed. Although annulment is not used often in modern times, there are circumstances that make the marriage invalid. In other words, it can be said that based on the circumstances, the marriage is not considered legal.

           If these circumstances are present, one or both spouses can file a petition in the court to get the marriage annulled. In case of annulment, the court does not take into consideration distribution of property or support for the spouse. More...


Elements of a Commercial Lease Agreement        A commercial lease agreement is a contract that takes place between the owner of a property and a tenant who want to take temporary possession of the property in exchange for monthly payment. This agreement is legal and involves two parties, namely the lessor or the property owner and the lessee or the tenant.

         This lease is completely different from the residential lease as the property in question is used only for business purposes unlike a house. In addition, the lease is usually in a written form, though at times verbal agreements are also done. However, verbal agreements are not recommended because if the matter goes to court for some reason, the court will not be able to verify the contents of the agreement. And therefore, the court will not be able to decide which party is in the wrong. More...


Defending Yourself Against a DUI

Defending Yourself Against a DUI          DUI or driving under the influence is one crime that affects people from all walks of life. In fact, people from different social strata are commonly booked for DUI, and the surprising part is that they way their cases are handled are usually the same all over the country.

          If you are stopped by police for driving under the influence, there are few things that you should be aware of. This will ease many initial problems that many DUI offenders face. More...





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