Safety Issues With Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Safety Issues With Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Safety issues are a big concern with conventional medicine and alternative medicine as well. Most people think that if a certain cure is natural, it means it is safe and there are almost no side effects. However, this is not true.

Even some types of alternative medicines if not followed with care, then there are dangers of losing life and they can prove to be fatal.

Conventional medicine uses several harmful substances but in a safer volume. For example, medical marijuana, cyanide and arsenic are all natural substances actually in their true essence but if a therapist or a doctor does not handle them with care, then they can be fatal for the patient. Most of the alternative therapies like massages and exercises are safe. Some therapies which include taking medicines or natural supplements can actually interfere with conventional medicine. So, sometimes in rendering treatments, there comes a point when alternative and conventional medicine cannot be followed together.

Complimentary and alternate medicines are usually available over the counter in many countries and they are easily accessible. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to check with the physician if it is okay for them to take them. Sometimes mixing two types of treatments can cause severe problems for a person. There are several other safety issues for people like the time line to follow while taking conventional medicine and alternative medicine. For example, a person cannot start on alternative medicines as soon as they go through a surgery.

In addition, recent reports have turned up which show that certain complementary and alternative medicines have harmful amounts of lead and/or mercury.

These safety issues with complementary and alternative medicine should not be ignored and people should make an effort only to use these medicines from reliable and dependable source.

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Safety Issues With Complementary And Alternative Medicine