Where Are The Acupressure Points On A Human Body

Where Are The Acupressure Points On A Human Body ?

The acupressure points in the human body are located through out the body and at several places.

From head to toe these points are spread out and they are immediately placed near joints especially. According to the science of acupressure, there are about twelve major meridians in the body.

These meridians cover the most important parts like liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, heart, intestines, pancreas, thyroid glands and uterus. These meridians are located on either side of the body and are equally spread out. They correspond to energies called the yin and yang. The meridians that correspond to the yin, the energy flows upwards and the meridians that correspond to the yang the energy flows downwards. Based on this differentiation, the acupressure treatment is used accordingly to treat several disorders.

For example, the upper meridian in the human body corresponds to various body parts like the heart and lungs. The acupressure points that correspond to these body parts will be located in the upper yin meridian only and to treat any problems with these body parts the acupressure is applied to the points on the upper meridian. The parts that are located in the upper yang meridian are intestines and the points located on this meridian are used to treat obesity, appetite problems, anemia the yang meridian is used. To know which meridian to treat, based on the problems one should also know which way the energy flows for that part and this you could know by knowing if the body part is located on the yin or the yang region.

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Where Are The Acupressure Points On A Human Body