How Did The Chinese Invent Acupuncture ?

How Did The Chinese Invent Acupuncture ?

Acupuncture was developed some 2,000 years ago in China. Although some says that it had been in practice in China for some 4,000 years, the evidence is not there to support this claim. Chinese agree to the fact that the concept of acupuncture began in the Stone Age itself when primitive men used sharp edges of the stone knives to puncture and remove the abscesses. These sharp edged tools were called as Bian.

The literal meaning of the word Bian is to treat a disease using sharp edges. The character Bi in china symbolizes pain due to disease. Hence the genesis of acupuncture began with the treatment of painful conditions.

Acupuncture treatment text was first found in Nei Ching Su Wen. Nobody is actually clear about its original authorship. This book has two chief sections -- the simple questions section called Su Wen and the difficult questions section called Ling Shu. The book has certain other titles also, such as Yellow Emperor’s classic internal medicine or the Canon of medicine. Many believe that the text Nei Ching Su Wen was developed by many people and was updated several times by few famous Chinese practitioners of traditional medicine. These texts revealed the acupuncture methods for getting relief from various problems. These are actually in the form of question and answer method. Where a particular problem or disorder was written in the form of a question and its remedy was given in the form of answers. With the passage of time lot of modification and alterations took place and given rise to today’s modern techniques of acupuncture.

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How Did The Chinese Invent Acupuncture