What Is Chelation ?

What Is Chelation ?

Removal of toxic metals and minerals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and few extra minerals from the body is called chelation. It also helps in removing few additional minerals in the arteries that block and bind them. This process is quite successful in the US, and has been in force for last forty years. This therapy is quite beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The toxic metals are removed through urination by application of series of injections. These intravenous treatments are done by qualified and experienced doctors. To find the right doctor is a matter of great concern. Removal of toxicity intravenously has helped many patients suffering from heart diseases to get relief from cumbersome surgeries and coronary bypass operations.

Chelation therapy is carried out by an experienced doctor, and requires visit to a clinic for three to four hours for a couple of days. It is good to hear that there is also a simpler way to undertake chelation in the comfort of your home. One does not need to do the research work for finding an apt doctor or visit clinic everyday. Chelation formulas are available at medical stores who deal with herbal medicines. The most common ingredient in these formulas is alfalfa, garlic, fiber, turin and selenium. Consumption of alfalfa in the form of pills if taken three times a day for few consecutive days helps in the removal of toxic substances through the digestive system. It helps in detoxification of the liver. Another herb called L-lysine, which is an amino acid, helps in removal toxic substances from our body. Rutin and apple pectin can also be consumed to combine with unwanted toxic metals and help in their removal from the body through the digestive system.

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What Is Chelation