Dizziness After A Neck Adjustment

Dizziness After A Neck Adjustment

Chiropractic medicine is a method of treatment in which the spinal cord is adjusted so that the pain or discomfort is rectified.

When the joints are manipulated, the bones come back to their position in a normal way and to do this, the associated problem also has to be rectified. When the bone is coming back to its normal position, the associated problems get rectified on their own too.

Neck pains are very common and many women and men suffer from them. A neck pain can be rather paralyzing for a person suffering from it. Neck pain can be caused due to a sudden movement in the body, a violent way of turning the head, an accident, or an injury. Usually people with neck pain have to wear supports around their neck so that the neck is held in one single position. This becomes very difficult to sleep or do anything while standing up as you cannot even look down.

There is no treatment or medication available to cure neck pains and there may be only painkillers available. However, the only possible way to cure a neck pain is to allow it the neck joint to rest in a standard position and not move it. This allows the inflammation of the joint to come down and the joint recovers and comes back to normal position slowly.

A chiropractor can immediately allow you to recover from the pain by manipulating the neck joint. When the neck joint is manipulated, the bones in the neck come back to their position naturally. The effect is miraculous as people suffering from neck pain suddenly are pain-free.

However, the bones (vertebrae) in the neck are very delicate and sometimes people can suffer from dizziness after neck adjustment. But this condition is very rare and occurs in less than 6.8 percent of people who visit chiropractors for neck adjustment. This occurs due to neurological input and it affects the balance, the body's awareness to space and functioning of the inner ear. However, dizziness after neck adjustment is temporary and lasts only for a few seconds or minutes. The only way to avoid it is to ask the chiropractor to be gentler when maneuvering the neck joints.

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Dizziness After A Neck Adjustment