How Are Chiropractic And Osteopathic Medicine Similar

How Are Chiropractic And Osteopathic Medicine Similar ?

Chiropractic is a type of manipulative treatment in which both the hands are used to bring about a structural change in the patients body so that the pain or illness can be healed.

The body adjustments are seen across several cultures, especially those in China and India. Whereas osteopathy treats the body as one system and it involves self protection and self regulation mechanism to heal the body.

Chiropractic and osteopathic medicines are similar and there can be many inferences that can be drawn and which sound similar. Chiropractic medicine is actually a western school of medicine and it mainly focuses on the spinal cord that handles the nervous system and the balance of the body. It is also responsible for maintaining the health and also optimizing the neuro-physical state in the body.

 By manipulating the spinal cord according to chiropractic medicine, most of the problems in the body can be solved because the spine handles the nervous system and also the rest of the body. Osteopathic medicine believes that the human body is one unit and the functions of the body and the structure are all related inversely. It depends largely on self regulating mechanisms that help the body to cure itself on its own. No external method or mean are used to heal the body.

There is no real comparison as to which might work better and solely depends on the person’s illness and the treatment involved. For some people chiropractic medicine suits them well and for others the osteopathic medicine is better suited. Though there are a very few similarities, these two are individual holistic therapies.

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How Are Chiropractic And Osteopathic Medicine Similar