What Is A Herbal Medicine ?

What Is A Herbal Medicine ?

A traditional way of treating illnesses and disorders primarily uses herbal medicines. These are sometimes also referred to as Botanical medicines. These are extracted from herb plants that have some therapeutic values. These herbs actually contain certain chemicals which react in the body to fight against diseases.

The modern method of pharmacy has actually evolved from the herbal medicines. Previously when the world was not civilized enough people used to get rid of disease through application of herbal medicines because naturally there were no other method existed. With the advent of civilization and technology, mankind learnt various other techniques which were primarily based on the herbal medicine therapy. In the present scenario, when cure is being done by a mere touch of a button, herbal medicine still has not lost its sheen due to the main reason that it does not have many side effects.

The therapeutic usage of plants still holds good today. Surprisingly what we call allopathic medicines, nearly twenty-five percent of them have chemicals that are derived from plants and herbs. There are many medicines which are extracted from synthetic plants.

Herbal medicine has come from three traditional systems, which are Chinese herbalism, ayurvedic herbalism and western herbalism, which reached from Greece, Rome, and Europe then gradually got merged in North and South America. Herbal medicines have solutions for not only some common ailments like cold and flu, but they also have the ability to treat few complex diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, pain, and cardiovascular disorders among others.

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What Is A Herbal Medicine