Positive Changes In Hypnotherapy Training

Positive Changes In Hypnotherapy Training

There is a human tendency of delaying things which is known as procrastination. It works on the principle of pain/please. We seek pleasure and at the same time we want to avoid pain.

There is a general tendency to avoid such tasks which bring physical or psychological discomfort. Hence, we keep postponing those tasks that are not associated with pleasure but considered as unpleasant.

One can overcome such behavior by self-hypnosis to alter the perception of pain or fear.

Hypnosis can make the individual more receptive and he will become less sensitive to the task by reducing the amount of pain, fear, or discomfort that is associated with it. The anxiety reaction can be replaced with relaxation reaction and now the person will accomplish much more and be calm and happy while doing it.

Through hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind is helped to unlearn the old patterns and attitudes and relearn new positive attitudes. The client is desensitized from fears of failure and the link between failure and self esteem is removed and new positive attitudes are taught. Procrastination attitude will be overcome to lead a happy, productive and fulfilling life. In addition, the person can enjoy the excitement and adventure of setting and attaining goals.

It is known that Olympic teams and athletes have been using hypnosis training to gain the mental edge on their opponents. Competition at the competitive level is 80 percent mental and hypnosis is considered as the key to success. When the athlete is focused and distracting thoughts are out of his mind, his performance becomes automatic. Person needs to be in relaxed state to be successful. Peak sports performance can be achieved by training the athlete to weed out counter productive thoughts from his mind.

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Positive Changes In Hypnotherapy Training