Secrets Of Stage Hypnosis

Secrets Of Stage Hypnosis

A hypnotist will not do a stage show unless there are a minimum of seventy-five people present in the audience.

From a statistical point of view they are aware that for them to get three or four willing candidates to participate in the demonstration, they need those many numbers of people. The people who come forward willingly to take part have to be extroverts and who do not mind making fools of themselves. The stage hypnotist has to be skillful in picking the right people.

Secrets Of Stage Hypnosis:

The stage hypnotists have kept the art alive when hypnosis was not accepted by the mainstream. Many hypnotherapists were introduced to hypnosis by the stage shows. The main obstacle in the mind of a person who is conducting a stage hypnosis show is whether it is going to work or not. Stage hypnosis always works because hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The people who have come for the show want to have fun. They have paid for the show because they want to enjoy and have fun.

Stage hypnosis is fun and people want to have fun. They send their friends up to have fun. The pre-talk on stage is used by the hypnotist to build rapport with the audience. He uses the pre-talk to get the audience like him and also to trust him. This is very much required because the remaining part of the show is going to depend on the rapport that he has developed and the trust he has earned during the course of the pre-talk. The hypnotist will be able to do a good induction if his pre-talk is successful.

During the course of the pre-talk, the hypnotist has to get the entire audience to participate to set the tone and increase the comfort factor. Simple instructions are given and the audience is encouraged to participate. Once he is able to get them involved, it becomes easier to make them follow his suggestions. Next stage is that of induction. This part has to be kept interesting both for the volunteers and also to the audience as everybody wants to have fun.

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Secrets Of Stage Hypnosis