Guided Meditation For Teens

Guided Meditation For Teens

Daily transcendental meditation eases tension and lowers blood pressure. It is difficult to get a teenager to sit quietly and meditate for 15 minutes but the effort is rewarded with health improvement.

A study has confirmed that teens with high systolic blood pressure who started practicing meditation have seen their blood pressure coming down by 3.5 points within 4 months.

The practice of meditation has stress-relieving benefits. If this can be maintained into adulthood, one can reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease.

A simple guided meditation for teens is described below.

If outdoor, one can sit on grass or sand. If indoors, then sit on a carpet or folded blanket. Close the eyes. Keep the back and the head straight. Begin to breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each in-breath as one count and each out-breath as next count. Go up to a count of 50.

Breathe in count 1

Breathe out count 2

Breathe in count 3

Breathe out count 4

Once the counting of breaths has been completed, one can notice how calm and relaxed one feels after the above meditation. Some time can be taken to reflect on self improvement activity one can involve himself. At the end of the meditation, open the eyes stand up and stretch.   

Focusing on breathing in and out develops the capacity to concentrate better in all areas of school and life. A calm and centered body-mind can get the projects done efficiently. It allows one to work through problems in a systematic manner considering all the issues involved. Even breathing harmonizes the body, mind and emotions. This practice not only calms down the individual when he is awake, it can also provide a sound sleep. It is a creative tool in all aspects of living.

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Guided Meditation For Teens